ICO Investments

We are a venture capital firm that specializes in funding start-ups, including those in the blockchain and bitcoin industry.

In this industry we are focused almost exclusively on investing in ICOs. What many investors do not understand is that the easiest way to capitalize on ICOs is by investing early. The earlier you invest the better the terms of your investment will be.




Ether Party:

  • A platform for launching future ICOs. Ether Party will faciliate the
    process of launching ICOs on the Ethereum Network, it will be easy for start-ups to launch an ICO at the press of a
  • Using smart contracts will be a simplified process, with legal contracts being featured on this platform.
  • Issued by the Vanbex Group, who have been in the industry since 2015.
  • FUEL is the in-app currency that powers the Etherparty platform and cross-chain Smart Contract compatibility. It is an ERC-20 token.
  • We expect this ICO to sell out, if you buy Pre-ICO this is not a concern.
  • If you wish to invest more than $50,000 please contact us in order to get a bonus.
  • The easiest way for you to understand the concept is to watch a video of a presentation at London Fintech:

Purchase the PRE-ICO Here


Below are 2 other ICOs we are investing in. Our investments in these are far less than our featured investment which is
Ether Party.




Bit Clave:

  • BitClave was founded in 2016 with the vision of reimagining the relationship between businesses and customers based on the trust and transparency of Smart Contracts.
  • BitClave currently has a partnership with a gateway to payment systems with hundreds of millions of users, which will ensure integration with businesses entering the market.
  • The team consists of 20 engineers and the advisory board of world-class talents in the fields of security, payments, and blockchain.
  • Bitclave is decentralized search for goods and services. Smart contracts to connect customers and businesses without costly advertisers or controlling middlemen.Clic

Click Here to Invest in Bit Clave ICO



  • IMMLA is planning to launch real third party transportations using smart-contracts based on Ethereum blockchain as early as in the 1st quarter of 2018. In the course of 5 years of step-by-step introduction to the service, all transportation modules will be included, and it will be localized to all large open economies – CIS, India, China, USA, Western Europe.
  • According to the management team forecasts, they will take 1-2% of the global freight market in five years.
  • The IMMLA service is based on the IT solution Logismart. It is developed by the one of the IMMLA consortium members and demonstrates its effectiveness in several dozen multinational logistic corporations.
  • IMMLA project mission is a simple, clear and convenient interaction between the owner of cargo and the transporter on all stages of the freight transport on the basis of Etherium blockchain and smart contracts. New technology allows to dramatically reduce trust deficit, information barriers and legal costs.
  • The base currency of IMMLA’s first round ICO is ETH. During the first round the IML token price is 0,000192 ЕТН, during the second round of ICO the price will be 0,000275 ЕТН. So early birds win the bonus of 43%. Pre-ICO is successful if more than 577 ЕТН (~$150К) will be collected, otherwise all funds are returned to pre-lCO participants.

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We recommend the following in order to ensure that your funds remain safe when investing.

  1. Invest in more than one crypto-currency.
  2. Diversify your holdings by using more than oneICO. This is the same way that you would diversify a stock portfolio.
  3. Avoid small companies that promise the moon.
  4. Become familiar with the company and platform that you are investing in before investing large sums.
  5. Ensure that you can afford to lose any funds that you invest.
  6. If you choose a company that is not listed on this website, ensure that you are familiar with the business practices of that firm and that they have a solid reputation.