Gold Key Investments

We invest and source investments in revolutionary technology in the blockchain, 3-D printing, robotics and virtual reality space.

We Invest in TechnologyBe early. Be insightful. Drive to consensus.

Blockchain & Financial

We anticipate the next industry to be disrupted is the banking industry. Banking has become inefficient, controlled by a small minority of banks. Billions of people do not have access to a bank, and billions more feel that banking has become burdensome and expensive.

We invest in start-ups that will revolutionize payment processing, payment remittances, and crypto-currencies.

If you are in the bitcoin, blockchain, or remittances industry we would love to hear from you.

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3-D Printing

We believe that in the future manufacturing on demand will become a reality. No longer will we be dependent on organ donors, we will be able to print organs as needed. We are searching for 3-D printing investments that are in the healthcare industry, or that take advantage of the cloud.

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Robotics has the largest potential to disrupt our lives. No longer will humans be required to handle small menial tasks. Robots will take over manufacturing, transportation, and the service industry. Those who invest early in this space will reap untold rewards.

We are still searching for opportunities in this space.

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Virtual Reality

First came the Atari, then came Nintendo, and since then video games have taken over. With the internet games such as Second Life, and World of Warcraft introduced billions to the idea of a second reality.

Esports is now all the rage and are watched by 100s of millions. With virtual reality we will now be able to create games that transcend  realism, and immerse the user in a virtual world where they will be able to compete in virtual esports. We are watching this space waiting for the perfect investment opportunity.

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Our Current Investment PortfolioFocusing on Seed & Series A Funding.

Investing in revolutionary and disruptive start-ups.

Investment Submissions

We are currently searching for investment opportunities in the blockchain, bitcoin, 3-D printing, robotics, virtual reality, and tech space.

We invest in start-ups for a small equity share. Please send us a proposal and explain why you believe your business is disruptive in your market space.

  • Disruptive TechnologyWe focus on disruptive technology that will revolutionize future applications.
  • Catalysts for ChangeWe believe in technology that can solve problems. We invest in accelerating technologies that are innovative and impactful.
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